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How To Get Animal Jam Codes For Free Membership,Diamonds And Gems

Diamonds are not just a girl’s best friend, but they are everyone’s best friend. At least when it comes to Animal Jam. Diamonds are the most valuable thing in the game and if you want to have the most fun then it is super important that you hoard up on a lot of diamonds. Animal Jam is lovely and addictive, but the limited version stops to be fun pretty soon. A membership is what makes it all a lot better. This is because members have exclusive access to many great things like customization options, more virtual pets, weekly gifts, accessories, dens etc. This highly attractive online game is about cute pet adoption and customizations and of course, the best options are available to subscribers and not to those who choose to play it for free. There are ways to enjoy all the added benefits without having to go the usual way. Otherwise, the possibilities are truly limited for the average user.

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Can I not play without diamonds?

Sure you can, but the game is going to be super boring and you probably won’t have even 1% the fun you will have if you had loads of diamonds. Diamonds are literally money in the game and what you use to buy new and exotic animals. And we all know that the more animals you have, the more adventures you can go on and the better your chances of winning amazing prizes. Similarly, you need to make sure that you have plenty of gems in your kitty as well if you want to upgrade your character, buy armor, dens and create pets.

How to get diamonds and gems?

Earning diamonds is probably one of the most difficult things to do in this game. When you start out in the game, you get a set number of diamonds (and gems) based on your type of membership. A 3 month membership gets you 1,500 gems and 10 diamonds, a 6 month membership gets you 9000 gems and 25 diamonds and a year long membership instead gets you 25,000 gems and 60 diamonds.The easiest way to get a lot of diamonds and gems,therefore is to buy the longest membership you (or your parents) can afford.

Getting more diamonds for Animal Jam

You also get one bonus diamond every week, but if you are not patient enough to wait for it then you can enter the Daily Spin and if you win, you are rewarded with 3 diamonds. Still, for most of us, that is not good enough. We need more diamonds and we need them now!! What do you do then? An easy way to do it is to buy membership gift cards or gift certificates. A 25 diamond gift certificate will cost you $19.95 and a 10 diamond gift certificate, $9.95. But what if you have no money to buy diamonds? Can you get them for free?

Animal Jam membership generators

Thankfully, there is a great way to hack your game using animal Jam membership generators and get all the diamonds and gems that you need. As we said earlier, the longer your membership subscription, the more diamonds and gems you will have available.So using Animal Jam membership cheats, you can get free membership codes and using them, get free diamonds. It is as easy as that. These hacks were made by experienced players of the game to be used by everyone else, so there is nothing to worry about. You do not need to enter your password or give away access to your account.

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Log on to the Animal Jam membership generator’s site and simply enter your Animal Jam username and enter the amount of diamonds and gems that you want. If you want, you can also lengthen the duration of your membership so that you do not have to pay for it when it expires.It literally takes a minute to do all that.

Once you have gone through the process, the generated diamonds and gems will show up in your account right away. How awesome is that? What are you waiting for then?

Some more information about animal jam cheats and other resources

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In keeping with their determination to offer valuable and educational information supported by scientists, National Geographic teamed up with WildWorks to create a game that provides kids with educational content as well as charities focused on natural conservation efforts.The idea is to let kids learn about nature, biology and the environment in a way that is fun and easy to understand. The best part is exciting and educational Videos by Brady Barr (a herpetologist) and Tierney Thys (a marine biologist), pop into the screen whenever a particular upgrade is made.

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Additionally,the game offers an option whereby kids are introduced to other kids in various places around the globe, some of whom are in desperate need of various things. For example, Parents have an opportunity to donate to this year’s efforts called The Big Cats Initiative by purchasing “Play Wild Fund Wristbands” for $9.95 as a reward for something that your child learned, perhaps. But, there is no obligation, whatsoever.Animal Jam, The Game Enter the world of Jamma and you enter a make-believe world of jungles, deserts, high plains and oceanic adventures populated by the cutest animals in the kingdom. The best part is that each player creates the animal character and gives it a 3-part name. “Grandpa Grumble Otter”, Sgt. Google Bird” and “Larry Leaping Lion”,for example.

Animal Jam is a Massive Multiplayer Online game that creates a safe social network for children. The chat interaction requires one of three parental selections that keeps kids safe from predators:

  1. Restricted Chat – only pre-selected words and phrases are available for use
  2. Bubble Chat– player selects from images to create chat
  3. Safe Chat – for older kids where they type any word or phrase BUT the in-game filter allows only certain words that can be seen

In the chat room play area, players trade items with each other, play in an MMO setting and can create a “party” for the group to attend. Along with all that, players can furnish their worlds with all kinds of accessories and animals as they are challenged by activities to complete and compete against each other as teams.The game itself follow“free to play” model, which means “pay for the good stuff” upgrades are available before a child gets bored. And, let’s face it, kids (and, even adults) get bored if things are moving at a snail’s pace.So, how does a kid get the diamonds and gems that are needed to get that pink, purple or yellow pet? Or, enter parties and have adventures restricted to those who have the membership codes?

Well, you can charge $6.95 a month to your credit card automatically every month. Or, you could get our free animal jam membership that includes daily updated codes. Did you catch the “free” part? Now, normally, we wouldn’t recommend a method that cheats the system. But, like you, we know some students that would love to play the game whose parents just don’t have an extra $6.95 every month. It made us feel really bad for those kids. We also know some teachers that can’t afford to pay the extra bucks to share with their classrooms – especially when many teachers are taking money from their own pocket to buy paper, pencils, paints, crayons and other things their students need to complete the class. So, we decided to offer this free Animal Jam Cheats code generator for those who really need it.

So, the question is simple: Are you ready to get a free membership along with the gem and diamond generator? Just click on the link below and you’ll be ready to enter Jamma and become one of over 500-million happy Jammers! Why wait? Let’s start today.